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How to make this forum work: (with this one strange and easy (never click on links links like these (well, click this one)if you've been to my site, you knw that I'm gonna ask unicaode to make a parentheses seperator){insert parentheses seperator}...)

by 1132262 posted Apr 12 2019, 20:23

Sorry about that long title. Basically, these forums are a cluttered mess. You need to add the tag 'API' (sorry, it was all I could find) when you make a new post. When you are responding to a post, to a post, make sure to check the 'reply to parent' box. The filter should always have the tag 'API.' If you don't understand, yell at me on my profile.

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Tags: api
Posted: Apr 12 2019, 20:23
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I'm sure
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